Leo Mehlig

Mobile Developer and CS Student


Personal App

An app that downloads all your Telegram messages and analyses them on device. TeleStats shows everyones favourite emoji, who send longer voice messages and much more fun an interesting statistics. It uses Telegrams tdlib to download the message in the app, so all messages stay private.

Jedox AG

Jedox Mobile

Jedox Mobile is the app for the Jedox suite, a business intelligentes product. The user can explore their data with a custom spreadsheet view and charts. I help develop the native iOS and Android version and I am now working on the cross-platform Xamarin.Forms version.


Tomes GmbH

ClinEx is an app I built for a german medical startup. It let's doctors or medical students document the patient’s condition using simple forms. The result gets converted into a continuous text and can be shared via email.

Jedox AG

Jedox Social Analytics

This is the first project I did at Jedox. We used the Jedox suite to save and analyse tweets with a location attached. With an app for Windows, iOS and Android the user could search for specific keywords and display them on a map. The apps are no longer available, but a demonstration can be found here.